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Eagrán International Super Zine swap 2021

Updated: Feb 10

Back in April 2021 we did our first Eagrán International Super Zine swap. Myself, Cécilia and Nathanaël were a bit bored during covid, and we were missing going out to see exhibitions and other visual events. Stuck at home, we decided to let the art come to us. We reached out to artists and friends and this is where it all begin. The Eagrán International Super Zine swap is a simple swap of Zine [ zine : little handmade art book/ collection of random illustrations, collage, photo etc. a little piece of art freedom with no pressure ]. The idea is everyone up to take part has to create their own little zine and once you're ready to send it you get a random name and address of your lucky receiver. Anyone then got to make a piece, send it to someone and received themselves a zine from someone else and so on. Our friends took part from all around Europe and that was a great success ! Watch out for the next season ...

Thanks to all the amazing art from @an_na_mar , @bunti.lee , @pierre.normand.graphisme @sethrogen666 , @rat.ellen@tony.mush, @pipeandpallet, @mmrogercomics, @nais_gc, @cecilia_endrift, @louisecomiran@illoustrates & @ross_carvill.

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